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The R4D technology consists of a fibrinogen-rich cryoprecipitate and a thrombin-like enzyme purified to produce a new generation fibrin biopolymer.


Recently, our researchers discovered the great ability of this polymer to act as a scaffold for stem cells.

This advance in treatments involving cell therapies make it possible to keep these cells alive at the site of injury for at least 30 days.

In this way, using pre-differentiated stem cells in bone, it was possible to heal a bone fracture in experimental models in just 21 days.



A phase I/II clinical trial evaluated the safety and immunogenicity of HFS, estimated the best dose, and assessed its preliminary efficacy in the treatment of chronic venous ulcers (CVU).


The investigational product proved to be safe for the treatment of CVUs according to the proposed dosages. There were no systemic AEs related to the product, whereas the few local AEs were mild to moderate in intensity. A multicentric phase III clinical trial will be conduct soon.




Based on this technology licensed by R4D Biotech, we launched an innovative and exclusive product on the veterinary market – XKvet TM, which will accelerate the treatment of bone fractures in Pets.



This natural biopolymer is an ideal scaffold for stem cells, as it is bioabsorbable, in addition to helping to reduce pain and inflammation in bone repair processes.